Backyard Tailgate


Chicken Wings

30 count- $35  

40 count- $45  

50 count-$55  

60 count- $65

Customize your tailgate!

Includes celery, carrots, and your choice of blue cheese or ranch. 

Brisket Sliders

$2.65 each

Customize your tailgate and make a slider platter! 

Party Packs

Customize your own party pack with any of our menu items. Some options are below!


Chicken, wings, sausage, ribs, brisket, brisket sliders


Baked beans, green beansmacaroni & cheese, potato salad, dirty rice, fried okra, fried boudin balls

Southern Cuisine

Red Beans & Rice



**Game Days Meals**

Contact us to cater and deliver your game day meals! Perfect for sports teams, band, dance, color guard, cheerleaders, AAU, Little League, or Club sports. 

We are experienced in working with various groups from school districts and booster clubs to social clubs and church groups. We look forward to catering to your needs!